Yacht Course - E-learning platform

Welcome to the "Learning from Home" platform for distance learning of the sailing professions. This platform offers you a
 wide range of possibilities for learning and practicing the theoretical material in the yacht course.

Thousands of work hours were invested in this study system, and are the results from 20 years of marine instructions. We are proud to say that the system is the most professional and comprehensive in Israel for the study of sailing - and it is all at your disposal - Sea-Gal students.

We are sure that this platform will help you to improve your knowledge of the field of sailing as well as the percentage of passing exams.

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Send us an email to info@sea-gal.co.il
Sead us a whatsapp (052-8715556)
in our program there are 4 courses - mechanic, seamanship, instrumental navigation and coastal navigation.
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